Reconciliation & Growth Project ― Therapeutic Ethics for Sexual & Gender Minorities

A think tank of politically diverse mental health professionals who value ethical therapy with faith-based sexual and gender minorities.

Dr. Mansfield is a member of the Reconciliation and Growth Project (RGP), a consortium of socio-politically diverse mental health professionals who have a shared commitment to an inclusive and comprehensive therapeutic approach when working with faith-based individuals navigating the intersection of sexuality, gender, and identity.

Member of the group collaboratively developed an ethical mental health treatment protocol for working with individuals experiencing conflict between their faith and their sexuality and/or gender identity. This document, “Resolving Distress Between Faith-based Values and Sexual and Gender Diversity: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals,” outlines principles and practices designed to preserve client self-determination and adhere to the principle of “do no harm.”

As a complement to the more comprehensive Guide for Mental Health Professionals, and in response to legislative efforts to guide therapeutic treatment addressing sexuality and gender, the group authored a statement, “Declaration on Avoiding Harm with Sexual and Gender Minorities: A Reconciliation and Growth Project Statement,” a single-page summary and outline of practices that they believe should be avoided when providing treatment to clients of any sexual orientation, gender identity, or faith.

The following are news articles by or about members of the Reconciliation and Growth Project:

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