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I’m a marriage and family therapist, educator, researcher, and author, and I believe that humans are wired for meaning, connection, and belonging. Most of our struggles in life are intimately tied to how we experience our relationships―including with ourselves―and how we find purpose. In my work as a therapist, through a unique integration of Western and Eastern principles of human thriving, I support individuals and couples seeking emotional, sexual, and spiritual wholeness, as well as deeper healing and intimacy in their relationships with themselves, God, and others.

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The Power of Stillness

Latter-day Saints are great at getting things done. But sometimes an excessive focus on "doing more" can take us to a place where we're mostly going through the motions―and missing the deep, rich spiritual power that can come from being still.

Using Latter-day Saint vernacular and examples, The Power of Stillness explores ways in which mindfulness can help deepen our conversion to the gospel. Infusing our homes with more stillness, silence, and space can reinvigorate the joy inherent in our faith and help us feel calmer, more present and engaged in our lives, and more spiritually connected to our Savior.

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You Are Not Alone

Humans are wired for meaning, connection, and belonging.
So why does it not always feel that way?

Too much of who we are and what we think is largely based on who we think the world or society wants us to be. A mold to fit.
A script to follow. A one size fits all.

In my experience, that has never been the case. Each client that I have met with, over the past fifteen years as a therapist, desires to live their life authentically and in harmony with their values, however that may be.

Through a holistic approach, I help guide individuals and couples to create deeper intimacy in their relationships and find greater joy in their lives. Finding peace and happiness with who they are and what kind of life they choose to live.

No molds. No scripts. Because one size does not fit all.

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What People Are Saying...

"For me, [The Power of Stillness] was a series of powerful epiphanies about how meditation can intersect beautifully with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is full of great quotes, paradigm-shifting ways to think about our religious 'to do lists' and anecdotes/role plays. This book is perfect timing for members of our faith who are looking to go the next level in praying, in personal revelation, in the new youth/children personal development program. It felt like nourishment to my soul... I highly recommend this book. I'll be gifting it to family and friends this year."

Reader Review, The Power of Stillness:

“I can’t begin to say how much I enjoyed reading In Quiet Desperation. It is beautiful, honest, hopeful, and a delight to read. I am thrilled with what Ty has done with the scriptures and stories he shared―they are so full of the spirit and of life. To the extent that God’s creative power is epitomized in His capacity to engender spiritual life in others, this book can definitely lay claim to having participated in that power. My only regret about this book is that it is one of the best things I’ve seen on the Atonement and repentance and coping with temptation and challenge―applicable to all of us―and yet so many people will not benefit from it because they will not think to look for help in a book for those experiencing same-gender attraction.” 

Reader Review, In Quiet Desperation

“Ty Mansfield wades into more recent controversies over homosexuality and the Church and does so with grace and compassion. He expands the discussion beyond the narrow confines of the labels ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ and offers an engaging read on the complexities of human sexuality, relationships, and intimacy. Most important, he does so while dismantling the shame that often infects Latter-day Saint discourse about sex and chastity.”

Reader Review, “Homosexuality and the Gospel,” chapter in Laura H. Hales (Ed.), A Reason For Faith

“I took Eternal Families from Brother Mansfield and loved it! He does marriage counseling as a profession, so he really knows his stuff and has a lot of great resources! I seriously learned so much about the nature of God, how to create an eternal family, and how I can develop personally to prepare for that. Amazing teacher.”

BYU Student Reviews

"I will have all my kids read this book. It’s amazing. It shifted my whole perspective. I loved hearing the raw, messy, beautiful stories of real people and how they reconciled their same sex attraction with their faith and found their true identity. This book was absolutely inspired. The world presents an imperfect and incomplete picture, and while we don’t know everything in the church and are certainly imperfect, the combination of gospel principles with real human experiences helped me get more of the full truth. I love this book!"

Reader Review, Voices of Hope

“Professor Mansfield is incredible! Easily the best religion class I've taken at BYU so far, hands down. I learned a ton in this class and got to think about gospel principles in ways I've never thought of before. Very insightful and very knowledgeable, would definitely recommend!”

BYU Student Reviews

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