Y Religion Podcast | The Power of Stillness w/Dr. Ty Mansfield (Feb 1, 2024)

Elder M. Russell Ballard expressed, “It is important to be still and listen and follow the Spirit. We simply have too many distractions to capture our attention, unlike any time in the history of the world.” The Restoration began with a young boy who sought stillness in a sacred grove, and President David O. McKay taught that meditation is one of the “most secret, most sacred doors” through which we come to know God. How can more stillness and mindful presence deepen our experience of intimacy with God, ourselves, and one another? In this episode, Professor Ty Mansfield discusses his book The Power of Stillness: Mindful Living for Latter-day Saints, coauthored with Jacob Z. Hess, Carrie Skarda, and Kyle Anderson, and outlines ways we might balance anxious engagement with intentional stillness. Dr. Mansfield discusses methods for implementing mindfulness into our daily lives and how such practices can deepen our conversion to the gospel and prepare us to receive more of the healing and enabling power of Jesus Christ.

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