A Personal Experience: Ty's Story

LGBT Saints Summit | The Tension Between Love & Law (September 2020)

"Navigating the LGBTQ+ Experience as a Faithful Latter-day Saint" | 2023 FAIR Conference

"Loving Truth and Truly Loving: Mapping the Problems and Possibilities in the Latter-day Saint/LGBTQ Conversation" | 2022 FAIR Conference

“'Mormons can be gay, they just can’t do gay': Deconstructing Sexuality and Identity from an LDS Perspective" | 2014 FAIR Conference

"Living a Vision of Eternity" | 2015 North Star Conference

"North Star Mission and the Language of Eternity" | 2014 North Star Conference

“Knowing Your Yes, Why, and How: Three Pillars of a Thriving (Mixed-Orientation) Marriage” | North Star Couples Summit (Nov 12, 2022)

“Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage and Navigating Desire Differences,” by Ty Mansfield & Heidi Applegarth | North Star Couples Summit (Nov 12, 2022)

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